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What is


Commons ?

Why We Are

Why are we here? What are we called to do? How do we connect to these deeper reservoirs of meaning and purpose and still pay our bills?

Carolina Commons exists to help people of all walks of life engage their creative energy and imagination as tools for making meaning and sense of the quickly changing world in which we live. By reclaiming our attention, we reconnect to our core values and by extension, our deepest selves. Through these connections are we more easily able to join our purpose, our meaning, our "why" with our daily endeavours.

Through workshops, classes, and training, we provide opportunities to reacquaint people with the creative gifts that are everyone's birthright and help them use those gifts to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

When we get in touch with our sense of play and active imagination, we become more open to seeing the beauty in the world, allowing us to see the beauty in ourselves and in one another.

This affordance generates empowerment and agency, which exactly creates the "Commons" in our name.

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Why We Are Here: Welcome
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