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Why We Are

Why do we stay in situations that don't serve us? Why do we continue to try to pursue money or wealth instead of following, or even creating, our dreams? What do we do when our creative energy runs dry?

Carolina Commons exists to help people of all walks of life engage their creative energy and imagination as tools for making meaning and sense of the quickly changing world in which we live. By reclaiming our attention, we reconnect to our core values and by extension, our deepest selves.

Through workshops, classes, and training, we reacquaint people with the creative gifts that are everyone's birthright, and help people use those gifts to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

When we get in touch with our sense of play and active imagination, we open to seeing the beauty in the world, which allows us to see the beauty in ourselves and each other. Only then can we establish the meaningful communication that helps the world grow and heal.

Why We Are Here: Welcome
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