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The canvas is blank for a reason

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

All our impulses are messy. This is natural. But as creators we start from a place of emptiness, regardless of our ideas to see a pure impulse from start to finish. When we approach the blank canvas, the empty dance studio, the stark page, we write, paint, and move from a common place beyond our conscious understanding.

Much of the work artists and creatives are called to do originates from daydreams and free associations. In this way, the closer our mind is to the blank page, the easier it will be for our images to rest and remain clear enough that we can transfer some of their magic to the vessel of our choice.

When we are as clear as the canvas, the image can move across effortlessly. There will always be a fresh moment to return to, a blank page to find, and we can start again on a new project. But for now, see the space and make a mark. Let the mark inform the next. And the next.

It's not always this way, and we might not want it to be. We might be in a mood, or ready to express something with that emotion on our blank space. But we always move from intention. And the quieter we are, the clearer we can hear that voice and listen to what it tells us to do.

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